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Military Textile Materials

Working in the field for years has allowed us to gain a lot of valuable experience to understand our customers better than other military textile materials suppliers. We offer our customers the ultimate experience of choosing the best quality military textile materials as per their needs and requirements. For us nothing else is more important than the satisfaction of customers. We think that for our company it is the ultimate profit.As a military textile materials supplier in Taiwanwe would like to offer you with the following products :

  • Military Bath Towel
  • Military Bed sheet
  • Military blanket
  • Military pillow cover

We understand as a wholesale military textile materials supplier that our military textile materials must provide with comfort, durability and protection to the users at different ranges of environment, some of which can even be hostile.Just like our other products the military textile materials are also passed through several quality tests set by industry standards. The specifications of some of our products are:

  • The Military Bath Towel : This plain designed towel is of 70cm*130cm dimensions and weighs about 350gms. It is made of 100% cotton and is found in army green color.
  • Military Bed sheet : Made of 50% cotton and the rest 50% polyester, these bed sheets are of dimensions 130cm*270cm and found in the color white. Some other features of this product is that it is easy to clean and does not get wrinkled with every use.


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